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Today, WAXTON is proud, being a problem solver for more than 100 promising customers nationwide. The Company work closely with the world’s best player to develop and deliver safety solutions for its customers and having some of the most experienced technicians working with them.

Founded in 2008, WAXTON provides broadest range of security solutions and on-premise IT solutions to its customers. From surveillance systems and fibre cabling right up to energy saving peripherals and data recovery, WAXTON offers not only stand-alone systems but a complete range of IT services using its state-ofthe-art safety solutions tailored exclusively to each and every of its customers “

WAXTON’s services are certified by CIDB, Suruhanjaya Tenaga - world’s leading manufacturer of infrastructure solutions WAXTON’s customers includes banks, offices, retail centres, warehouses, factories and other commercial establishments.

The company‘s breakthrough came in 2009 when it developed the first and premium surveillance solutions for WESTPORT – Asia’s leading sea port based in Malaysia Further orders to equip the industrial rising demand and lack of quality services for security solutions has led WAXTON to the tap the domestic market and continually nurture till day. Going further, WAXTON is set to lead and tap the ever growing international market for wide range of “nextgeneration” surveillance solutions services.


At WAXTON, we solve the problem rather than prolong it. We have 15 years of industrial knowledge and experiences, a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and an extensive network of industry and technology partners

Our Team Members are consists of

Experts whom possess deep industrial knowledge
Experienced technicians whom examine customer’s problem till the root cause
Highly qualified
Certified by PANDUIT
Domain & technical experts
Ordinary cable
operator whom MUST possess a minimum 15 years of working experience